who doesn't love a feminist rant?

breastfeeding – or, how you feel about my tits is not my problem.

when people try to tell me that women have already achieved true gender equality, the social awkwardness and public debate surrounding breastfeeding is one of the first things i think … Continue reading

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women against feminism (WAF) tumblr is nothing to worry about. the coverage of it is.

as i scrolled through the 4,500 posts from the “women against feminism” tumblr page, a sense of dread gripped me by the uterus. at first glance, it looks like the … Continue reading

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i’m still really pissed off with joey barton

hearing someone use “joey barton” and “wise” in the same sentence today reminded me of this. remember that time JB went on question time and annoyed a load of people? … Continue reading

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feminism: back to basics / a beginner’s guide

about two years ago i proclaimed myself a feminist. five years ago i wouldn’t have been able to define the word for you. it wasn’t a term i heard much … Continue reading

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